Good Pairing of Food for Best Wine Tasting Results

wineMatchmaking for the best food to go with your wine or vice versa is a demand that needs an undivided attention especially if you are hosting a dinner party or a formal event.

Food and wine are destined to be together. Its like marriage that strengthens and enhances the experience of the entire event. It has been quite a demand for whoever is preparing the event to elicit a fine tasting wine and a menu that will go along with it. Matching has been a daunting activity. There had been rumors that stipulate regulations and rules which require adherence for one to obtain the perfect food and wine pair.

First Rule:

There is no such thing as rules, only taste experts. The only thing that separates a good match depends on the people drinking and eating it. Your choice of recipes should not hinder the matches made. What is best is what pleases your preference. Its a matter of your palate choosing the right kind of wine for the occasion. If your palate doesnt complement with how the aroma is filled within your nose, then there would be a contradiction.

Second Rule:

Still, rules dont necessarily exist as what others might portray it. Interactions of flavors are one of the things that should be considered. With it, you have the opportunity to detect 4 flavors which are distinctly effective to stimulate your buds. These flavors are sour, bitter, sweet and salty. Two hundred aromas are deciphered by the nose. Combining the uptakes of your sensory abilities from both your sense of recognizing a taste from recognizing a smell, one can experience a wide array of characteristics of nuances and flavors. As you start to pair your food and wine, you have to remember that food flavor can and will contradict with the wine that you have selected although, there will be, in other occasions that it will complement with the drink.

Third Rule:

Light or heavy dishes should be considered because there is a big difference between steak with potatoes from chicken, salad and stir-fry. Generally, there is a noticeable preference of choosing a heartier food with red wines which are duller-bodied that those delicate wines with the lighter fare. As said, these preferences are all generalizations which compose majority of the masses appeal to how food should be paired. It is not an opinion. Regarding meats, it is much easier to see red wine paired with meat than any other dish.

Other things to be taken into consideration are the moment wherein one looks at the potential of pairing acidity of foods. Foods enhancing acid deposition will work very well with wines that share a certain undertone of acidity. On the other hand, foods that are lean will maintain a good combination to wines that are a drier that the foods they compliment.

No matter how you look at it, matching wine with food can still be a preference one must take into great consideration. Being able to match different types of food from different types of wine is one exciting experience which can be advised to future path-takers.

Components of this matchmaking will enhance the wine tasting strategy of a person. Remember, in every pairing that you do, take note of the effects.

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Organizing and Making Your Wine Tasting Club Unique

wine tastingSeveral suggestions are made to make a wine tasting club become a success.

Ideally, a wine tasting club should at least have 12 members to be able to garner the right to be called as an existing club. The maximum number of members can reach until 25 and sometimes 30. But then again, it is most appropriate that a club should only have limited members for it to work in a more organized and intimate manner. If you have established a club that can already stand on its own, then the club can be expanded but until that day comes, settle with just a couple and make it work.

For your club to be recognized by the society, ask your friends to help you organize a party for tasting wines. With this, people can know, especially those who share the same passion of wine as you do will have an idea that your club is open for public acknowledgement.

Invitations to the wine tasting should be sent out.

Make sure that you send invitations to those who are most capable of being a member of your club. Always try to emphasize that it is not just an ordinary club but something that one can benefit from. It should be a club based on camaraderie and educative activities. Never let these people feel intimidated but welcomed.

On the night of your party, see to it that invited people enjoy the event. And at a moment, you can set out the important guidelines to be able to qualify in the club. You can also emphasize or ask suggestions for the name of the club. You can decide on meeting dates, assignments for hosting and theme for the next tasting of wine. You have to ask the group about the foods that will be served. Assign a secretary to note down all important bullets that you have emphasized like events and who are the people within your group that are in-charge of the part. Consider the fact of choosing the wine that should be purchased.

In order to make your club unique, include interests of not only yours but also of your members. Through this, you are expected to share things which can capture each others interest. Activities that captivate each others interest will promote a members stay in the club and will have no regrets for joining.

Wine and food must also stand out above ideas. Entertainment must also be set so that people will not get bored with how things are working inside the club. Create menus that are approved by everybody and not just by one. You can also assign someone else or group of 3s to take care of the menu. Food that will be served should complement the wine in order to appreciate the ambiance of the environment more.

Glasses should also have a unique trademark that shouts your mark of organization alone. It should stand out from other wine tasting orgs. Glasses can be personalized bearing the mark of the organization in order to separate one apart from the other. Every member must have a different identity so that the club can termed as one-of-a-kind. Treat your members as wine. Do not cut off important stuff just because it doesnt suit you.

Always consider your members because they make out the entire Wine Tasting club. Make your wine tasting experience a blast.

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Wine Tasting Casual Party

wineIndividuals have different tastes when it comes to wine .

Some like red wine while others prefer white wines. If your friends like to drink wine, then its a terrific idea to hold a wine tasting casual party.

This type of party is not really expensive and its also not hard to carry out. Its one way to test the wine skills of you and your friends. Getting together will be much happier and more exciting if the partys theme is wine tasting.

Formal wine tasting usually doesnt allow the testers to swallow wine. Just as the name wine tasting suggests, you will only smell, taste, and enjoy the wine. In a casual party with a wine tasting theme, your friends and even you, can swallow the wines. Just be very careful since sobriety issues usually come out later.

Once youve tasted several wines and you swallowed them, you may not be able to assess the wines full flavor. Its up to the guests whether they will swallow the wine or not.

There are important preparations before you start the party. You have to ensure that there are lots of clean wine glasses at the party. With clean glasses, you can easily see residue that affects the wines taste. Use a white tablecloth so that the guests can view the wine closely. Why white? Well, the white colored tablecloth will allow your guests to see any sediment and assess the wines body. Make sure that there is also candlelight at the party.

If you dont know your friends wine preferences, you can ask them to bring one bottle of their favorite wine. Also, dont forget to provide clean water, bread, and some crackers. Always remember, dont serve cold water because it can shock the taste buds of your guests.

If youre serving red wine, decant them before the party. The wine tastes better once its able to breathe if youre serving whiteblush wine, chill it slightly first before the guests arrive. Dont forget to keep your pencil and paper handy once the taste test begins so that your friends can rank the wines.

As the host of the party, you should supervise the wine tasting. Try to start with simpler and lighter wines. After that, you can already taste heavier and drier wines. If you start with the heavier and drier wines, you will not be able to taste the white wines.

If there are not enough wine glasses, make sure that you swirl clean water in it and then dry it using clean cloth that way, the wine will not be diluted in water.

Do you know the ways to test the wines clarity, color, aroma, etc? Wine tasters follow some kind of procedure in tasting the wines and you should know about them because thats the only way to assess the wines quality.

When tasting the wines, make sure that you drink water or eat some bread or crackers before tasting another wine. This is important so that the taste of the previous wine will be eliminated. Allow your guests enough time to guess the brands and varietals of the wines. Everyone will surely have fun at the wine tasting casual party.

Formal wine tasting parties are usually not very enjoyable especially if youre having friends around organize a casual party now and see how much fun you will have together with your closest friends.

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6 Theme Ideas That Will Work for Your Wine Tasting Party

wine tasting partyIf you plan on hosting a wine tasting party but you dont have any idea on where to start, then you have to remember that there are quite a lot of ways on how you can start the party.

There are 6 wine tasting party themes that you could try which is guaranteed to give success to a wine tasting party.

Wine tasting parties are a lot of fun and it is relatively easy for people to plan and host. If you are starting to plan on hosting a wine tasting party, then you need to keep in mind that you should first choose a theme for your party.

So, here are six theme ideas that you can use for your wine tasting party.

The first is called the Horizontal Wine Tasting. In this kind of theme, you will only focus on one wine variety from a single year. However, each wine will come from multiple vineyards and different producers. For example, you can focus on a 2000 Chenin Blanc from five or seven different wine producers or wineries.

In here, you will consider whether you like to taste wines from the same region or you want to mix it up by tasting the same type of wine that comes from different wineries, such as from California, Australia or Italy.

The second is called Vertical Wine Tasting. Here, the wine tastings are conducted by tasting just one variety of wine. For example, you will only concentrate on tasting the Chenin Blanc from the same producer. However, the wines will be in different vintages or years. For example, you can taste the Chenin Blanc from one winery from years 2000, 2002, and 2004.

This will show the tasters, which are your guests, on how dramatic or subtle a wine can change from year to year.

Priceless Wine Tasting is another great theme for your wine tasting party. You have to remember that people normally assume that wines that are more expensive taste better than cheaper ones. Although this may be true, you can try testing their palate by withholding the price of the variety of wine you have available for tasting. By just tasting, your guests should determine which wine is worth 120 dollars and which one is worth 10 dollars.

Price Point Wine Tasting is another great wine tasting party theme that you may want to try. Here, the wines featured will be in a similar price. The goal here is to keep the wines comparable in a baseline price which is quite flexible for you to organize when it comes to buying the wine.

Another theme is called the Big Eight Wine Tasting. Here, you will get your guests work their way through eight different kinds of wines and determine which one they prefer. This will also give your guests, particular the ones that are not very in to wines a new appreciation for the different kinds of wine.

The big eight wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, and Pinot Noir for red wines, and Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay, and Pinot Grigio for white wines.

Lastly, the Blind Wine Tasting theme can also work for your party. Just take any of the themes mentioned before, remove the labels from the bottles or put the bottles in wine bags and you have a blind wine tasting party that will surely be a lot of fun for your guests. The fact that your guests will not have any ideas on what wine they taste, it will definitely be interesting to know which kind of wine they prefer without looking at the label or at the price of the wine.

These are the six wine tasting themes that will surely make your wine tasting party  a success, more about wine here .


Pointers on Appreciating Wine through Taste

wineWine s are one of the most popular beverages that are served in parties either formal or just a simple get together.

The thought of wine tasting is simply a straightforward experience that will cause you to realize how it is to taste something made out of time. Appreciation for every tangy taste made by the wine through careful hands of winemakers can be achieved.

Think of the smell, look and exciting taste that tingles your senses and make you soon become a pro in recognizing one wine from the other. You have to remember that wines can have several varieties which have unique scents and tastes that can range from sweet, bitter, salty and sour. Discerning the flavor is due to the combination of the taste and smell of the wine at hand.

Wine tasting can be done in no time.

Here are some of the things that you have to do to be able to be a pro in wine recognition.

Check for the Wine Clarity and Color

After pouring the wine into a fine wine glass, observe the wine itself. Check out the color by tilting the wine glass away from you direction and determine it from the rim to the middle part of the glass. You can appreciate this more if you have a white background which can either be a napkin, paper, etc. Just by looking at the color, you can identify differences when it comes to wine hues. Red wines are usually colored as ruby, maroon, brownish, purple and even brick red. White wines are known to be colorless although, some white wines are colored amber, light green and golden yellow.

Give into the smell

A persons sense of smell is considered as one of the most important factors in tasting wine because it can analyze primarily if the wine is something that their taste buds can take. In order to get a very good impression of a wines aroma, try to swirl your wine glass gently which is a way of vaporizing some of the wines alcohol content and on the other hand, releasing the drinks aroma. After which, try sticking your nose slightly into the glass and make a deep breathe. Vanilla, oak, citrus, flowers and berry are some of the most recognized aromas of a wine. Through a wines aroma, one can easily indentify the drinks uniqueness and quality.

Taste the goodness

This is the best part of the entire process. Taste the wine discreetly by starting sipping in small amounts. Then let it stay in your tongue while you enjoy being captivated of the wines taste. Tasting a wine has three stages wherein you need to take namely the attack stage, evolution and finish.

The attack stage is considered as the initial phase of tasting wherein your palate is the one responsible. There are usually four parts of the puzzle initiating the attack stage which are levels of tannin, content of alcohol, the residual sugar and the acidity of the drink. When these four puzzles combine with one another, they display a distinct crucial sensation right on the palate.

The evolution stage is known as the actual presentation of wine inside the persons tongue and palate which discerns the flavor of the wine. The finish in wine tasting is referred to as the last stage which determines how long a wines flavor lasted inside your mouth after it is completely swallowed into the sytem.

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Credible Ways to Start a Wine Tasting Organization

wine tastingA wine tasting organization or a wine tasting club, for that matter, is similar to a book club although, the term of being alike is through wine definitions of a persons preference.

Even so, a wine tasting organization is something that you can organize yourself most especially if youre that type of person who loves lingering on and sharing the goodness of wine. Gatherings of different people of different status quo are to be expected in a wine club. Some may know so much about multiple wines and some may just want to know more.

What do these people usually do? Well, in general, people involved in a wine tasting club are those that are typically interested in meeting together at a certain period of time, taste a new or old kind of wine, judge it, then discuss how it differs from the other. Clubs regarding wines are definitely enjoyable and at the same time, educational especially if spent with friends. Clubs which focus on tasting wine alone are not similar to that other club of wine dealers that ship in and ship out wines.

If youre planning to organize  wine tasting club , here are some tips to be able to prepare you for the predictable and unpredictable even before you recruit friends and familiar strangers into your own-built society.

A lot of wine tasting clubs fall apart because they fail to recognize some of the vital aspects of the game. What do you need?

1. Be informed. One thing that separates one person from the other is the truth of how much one knows about a particular topic. If you are the master regarding wines, then consider your knowledge as a door for people to be encouraged to join your wine tasting club otherwise read more about wines extensively. Facts about wine like how it is refined, fermented, derived, a bit of history, selling price, etc. Be sure that you, as the organizer, knows more on wine above your members.

2. Intimate relationship. Keeping a small group of people who are readily determined to stick to the wine tasting organization is better than having several hundreds of undecided and doubtful minds. In numbers, the maximum member one can have is thirty people. Consider the reasons why you should prefer a smaller number of people rather than a big crowd. Some of the reasons why one should stop at a certain number of participants is that you wont be needing a wide space for meetings or gatherings the more people you have the more number of bottles youll be needing in order to sustain the number. When one says tasting, you regard to it as something that needs intimacy and not just another house party.

3.  Purchase a good wine. If you tend to worry about how much it would cost you to buy a wine thats suitable for everybodys taste buds, dont. On an average basis, some of the best wines cost approximately about 25 to 40 dollars every bottle which, you can split the amount among your members. This can be very reasonable in terms of just tasting the drink.

Gathering a number of people for a wine tasting organization is not hard to do. You just have to maintain an idea that will serve your members and feed them with the appropriate amount of satisfaction to stay in the group.

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A Guide on How to Do Wine Tasting the Right Way

wine tastingGoing to a wine tasting party can be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

However, most people dont attend because they have fear about not knowing how to act in such parties and afraid that they will offend someone or be embarrassed by not knowing how to taste wine.

Basically, the basics of wine tasting are actually quite simple. You dont need to have formal training and everyone can do it. By the time you finish reading this article, you will be well on your way in becoming a wine taster and you will be ready enough to attend wine tasting parties or even go on a wine tasting vacation in some of the most prominent vineyards and wineries in the world.

As far as etiquette is concerned, the ladies are usually served before the gentlemen. In most wine tasting parties, you can expect to be served with room temperature bottled water. The water is to rinse your mouth between tastings in order for your palate to be clean for the next wine. Cold water is not served as cold water will shock your taste buds which can overall affect the taste of the wine.

Also, some wine tasting parties serve unsalted and unflavored bread or crackers. This also helps in palate cleansing, which will also get your palate ready for the next wine tasting.

When tasting wine, it is important that you should always hold the wine glass by the stem and not cup the bowl in your palm. The purpose of this is that it helps in preventing you to heat the wine with the warmth of your hands. You have to remember that this will also affect the overall taste of the wine.

It is also very important that when you attend wine tasting parties, you shouldnt wear strong smelling perfumes or colognes and even after shave. The scent of the perfume will overwhelm the bouquet or the smell of the wine, thus, affecting the taste of the wine. You will not be the only one affected by this, but also other tasters. So, be polite and dont wear strong smelling perfume or other scents.

It is also important that you shouldnt smoke, chew gum, and mints before and during the wine tasting event. This can have an effect on your taste buds and you will not be able to fully enjoy the real flavor of the wine.

Tasting the wine doesnt just involve putting the wine in your mouth and roll it around your tongue a couple of times before spitting or swallowing. You have to remember that wine tasting is all about the wine. It is about the color of the wine, the smell or the bouquet, and of course, the taste.

The first step in tasting wine is by taking a look at its color. The glasses served should always be clean and clear in order for you take a good look at the wine. The tables should be covered with white linen table cloth in order for you to see the wine′s color more clearly. You have to remember that white wines arent always white. It may have a yellow, green and even brown color. For red wines, you will observe that it also has different shades of red. The lighter the color of the red wine is, the older it is.

The color of the wine will also indicate the age or the flavor. Try doing a rim test to look at the color of the wine. Just tilt the glass and look at the wine. If it is purplish in color, it indicates that the wine is young. If it is brownish, it means that it is an older wine.

The next step is to smell the wine. Swirl the wine around the glass to expose the wine to the air, position the glass close to your nose and inhale deeply. Swirling also releases the flavor of the wine. You have to remember that the wine may have been in the bottle for six months to many, many years. By swirling the wine, you will release the flavors. It′s like cooking at home where you stir the food in order for you to blend the flavor.

Finally, you now need to taste the wine properly. Dont gulp the wine down. Just take small sips and roll the wine around your tongue. You have tor remember that there are three steps in actual tasting, which is the first impression, the taste and the aftertaste.

These are the steps in tasting wine. So, the next time you are invited to attend a wine tasting party, you will be able to feel more confident as you will know what to do.

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Simple Guide for Wine Tasting

wine tastingSo, you have been invited to your very first wine tasting party.

You know that this is fun and it is a great way to show off your palate. But, what if you dont know anything about wine tasting? What if you dont know the proper way to taste wine? Surely you wouldnt want to be embarrassed in front of your friends as well as the host of the party tasting the wine the wrong way, would you?

So, here are some simple guides on how to taste wine at a wine tasting event.

You need to remember that wine tasting is a great experience. Most people do it in their own way but most people don’t really know how to taste wine. Tasting wine is not just about having something other than water in your mouth, but tasting wine is about knowing the wine.

You have to remember that wine has a unique taste. It has a very complex and very rich taste that you need to fully taste. Wine tasting is not just about putting the wine in your mouth and swirling it around inside your mouth, but it takes some time in order for you to identify the wine and get its true flavor. That′s the essence of wine tasting, which is getting the true flavor of the wine you taste.

Each wine isn′t the same when it comes to flavor. The age of the wine will have an effect on the taste, which is why the older it is, the more expensive the wine is.

You also need to remember that the taste and quality of the wine will also depend on the quality of the raw products, which are grapes. The soil in each region is different with different amounts of minerals, and the amount of rainfall is also different on each region. This will also contribute to the taste of the wine.

Unlike other foods, the simplest difference in the taste of a grape will have a lot of difference in the taste of the final product which is wine.

Also, because each process of making wine is different in each region of the world, it will also contribute on the taste of the wine.

The point of all this is that you should take some time in tasting and smelling the wine. Dont just swirl it in your mouth and spit it out but you need to truly capture the flavor by seeing it first, then smelling it, and lastly, tasting it.

Try tasting as much wine as you can and washing your mouth off with room temperature water or unsalted biscuits to get the previous wine flavor off your mouth.

By tasting as much wine as you can, then you will be able to improve your palate and be able to know which type of wine suits your taste buds. Also, you will be able to gain experience in wine tasting so that the next time you get invited to another wine tasting party or you go on a wine tasting holiday in some of the most prominent vineyards in the world, you will be able to know and impress people on how knowledgeable you are with wines.

These are some of the things that you have to know about wine tasting. As you can see, it’s not just about having something other than water in your mouth, but it’s about truly capturing and identifying the complex flavor of wine.

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Wine Tasting: The Basics in Wine Tasting

wine tastingWine and wine tasting has been a part of human culture for many, many years.

It was drunk by famous people, such as Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and it was even drunk by Jesus and his disciples. Indeed, wine has come a long way and today, it is still one of the most popular beverages in the world.

Today, many people hosts wine tasting parties to celebrate the wonderful beverage that is wine. Parties like this are quite enjoyable as you will be able to taste different kinds of wine and also experience new flavors. However, what if you dont know how to taste wine? Surely you wouldnt want to be the laughing stock at the party just because you dont know how to taste wine properly. So, here are some basics on how to taste wine.

The first step in wine tasting is by looking at the wine.

Never ever fill the glass with wine. The reason for this is that when it is time for you to rim test the wine, you will need to tilt the glass to take a look at its color. Now, you can’t tilt a wine glass if it is full of wine, can you?

You need to hold the wine glass by the stem and never by the bowl. Although this may feel awkward at first, you need to remember that the purpose for this is to avoid altering the wine temperature with the warmth of your hands. Another reason is to avoid blurring the color of the wine with your fingerprints.

After observing the wine′s color, the next step is swirling the wine. The purpose for this is to release the aroma as well as the flavor. Swirling the wine will also expose the tears or the legs of the wine. The more tears or legs in the wine, the higher the amount of alcohol there is in the wine.

The next step is to smell the wine. When you swirled the wine around, you also exposed the scent of the wine. Now, stick your nose right in to the bowl of the wine and inhale deeply. About two inhalations will do. The smell of the wine will also indicate its age or its origin. The quality of the wine may also be determined by the smell alone.

After that, you are now ready for tasting the wine. Tasting the wine doesnt involve gulping everything inside the wine glass at once. It involves doing small sips on the wine and most important of all, you need to be able to taste it.

After having wine inside your mouth, you need to roll the wine around your tongue. There are three things that you need to remember when you are tasting wine. The first is the first impression or what the wine tastes like when it enters your mouth, the second is the taste or the flavor of the wine when you are actually swirling the wine around your mouth and the third is the aftertaste, which is the lingering flavor after swallowing the wine.

These are the things that you need to remember when wine tasting. Remember these tips and you can be sure that you will be able to know what to do when you attend a wine tasting party.

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Wine Tasting: How to Taste Wine Properly

tastingIf you have been ever invited on a wine tasting party and that you declined to go because you dont know a thing about wine or even tasting it, then you might want to try learning.

Wine tasting isnt about those types of people doing the classic clich in wine tasting, which is sip, swill and spit, but you will see that wine tasting can be a lot of fun as well as educational.

So, here is some step by step information on how to taste wine that will be able to help you whenever you are in this kind of situation. By knowing how to taste wine properly, you will definitely enjoy wine tasting parties more and you will also not feel and look lost in the party.

The first step is to observe the wine by sight. To do so, you need to pick up the glass. There are basically a couple of ways to do this.

If you are served with a chilled wine, you should pick up the glass on its stem and not by the bowl. The reason for this is that the palm of your hands is warm. This will warm the wine quickly and will ruin its natural taste. So, if you are served with a chilled wine, never pick it up by the bowl. Dont even think about touching the bowl.

If you are served with room temperature wine, then you can hold the glass on bowl. However, as much as possible, you should still pick it up by the stem even if the wine is served in room temperature.

After you picked up the glass and is now in your hand, the next step is by examining the wine by sight. Do this by holding it slightly at an angle and should be against a white background. If the host of the party knows what wine tasting is all about, he or she should cover the table with white linen. This doesnt only look pretty, but it will also serve its purpose where you will be able to examine the wine. Just remember to be aware that there is wine in the glass and you should avoid spilling it by tipping the glass too far.

The bouquet is also an important part of tasting the wine. The bouquet refers to the smell of the wine and you might even hear people refer to it as the nose.

To properly smell the wine, you need to your hand holding the wine at a level position. Then, swirl the wine gently inside the bowl. The idea to this act is to expose air in to the wine so that the aroma will escape the wine and become trapped in the part of the bowl which is empty. Then, move the glass close to your nose and inhale deeply. Savor the aroma and inhale again. You might want to exhale after inhaling as you may feel dizzy.

After inhaling, it is the right time to comment. If you dont know what to say because you are inexperienced with wine, then the safest way to go is to say rich for red wine, and light for white wine.

Now for the actual tasting

You need to keep in mind that tasting wine is not about getting plastered by guzzling everything inside the glass but should only take small sips from the glass to capture the flavor. After having wine inside your mouth, you should taste the wine by rolling it around your tongue a few times before spitting it or swallowing it slowly. Don’t forget to exhale.

That’s how it′s done. Remember these tips and you can be sure that you will have lots of fun at wine tasting parties. You need to remember that wine tasting parties doesnt need to be boring and intimidating, but it can be a great way to socialize and even joke a bit.

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