Wine Tasting Casual Party

wineIndividuals have different tastes when it comes to wine .

Some like red wine while others prefer white wines. If your friends like to drink wine, then its a terrific idea to hold a wine tasting casual party.

This type of party is not really expensive and its also not hard to carry out. Its one way to test the wine skills of you and your friends. Getting together will be much happier and more exciting if the partys theme is wine tasting.

Formal wine tasting usually doesnt allow the testers to swallow wine. Just as the name wine tasting suggests, you will only smell, taste, and enjoy the wine. In a casual party with a wine tasting theme, your friends and even you, can swallow the wines. Just be very careful since sobriety issues usually come out later.

Once youve tasted several wines and you swallowed them, you may not be able to assess the wines full flavor. Its up to the guests whether they will swallow the wine or not.

There are important preparations before you start the party. You have to ensure that there are lots of clean wine glasses at the party. With clean glasses, you can easily see residue that affects the wines taste. Use a white tablecloth so that the guests can view the wine closely. Why white? Well, the white colored tablecloth will allow your guests to see any sediment and assess the wines body. Make sure that there is also candlelight at the party.

If you dont know your friends wine preferences, you can ask them to bring one bottle of their favorite wine. Also, dont forget to provide clean water, bread, and some crackers. Always remember, dont serve cold water because it can shock the taste buds of your guests.

If youre serving red wine, decant them before the party. The wine tastes better once its able to breathe if youre serving whiteblush wine, chill it slightly first before the guests arrive. Dont forget to keep your pencil and paper handy once the taste test begins so that your friends can rank the wines.

As the host of the party, you should supervise the wine tasting. Try to start with simpler and lighter wines. After that, you can already taste heavier and drier wines. If you start with the heavier and drier wines, you will not be able to taste the white wines.

If there are not enough wine glasses, make sure that you swirl clean water in it and then dry it using clean cloth that way, the wine will not be diluted in water.

Do you know the ways to test the wines clarity, color, aroma, etc? Wine tasters follow some kind of procedure in tasting the wines and you should know about them because thats the only way to assess the wines quality.

When tasting the wines, make sure that you drink water or eat some bread or crackers before tasting another wine. This is important so that the taste of the previous wine will be eliminated. Allow your guests enough time to guess the brands and varietals of the wines. Everyone will surely have fun at the wine tasting casual party.

Formal wine tasting parties are usually not very enjoyable especially if youre having friends around organize a casual party now and see how much fun you will have together with your closest friends.

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